Arrowhead LPVO Series

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The Swampfox Arrowhead LPVO series meets or exceeds every requirement for serious law enforcement and self-defense applications. Locking turrets require no tools to prevent unintentional adjustments. Arrowhead’s state-of-the-art optical design creates a brighter sight picture, a wider field of view, and excellent resolution. Choose from two Second Focal Plane reticles: Guerrilla Dot BDC Long and Guerrilla Dot MOA Long. If you are searching for an affordable LPVO that checks all the boxes needed for duty use, you just found it: the Swampfox Arrowhead.


Ready To Serve

Designed from the outset to be duty grade, these 1-6x, 1-8x, and 1-10x Low Power Variable Optics are ready for the most serious law enforcement, competition, and hunting applications. Meet the Arrowhead.



Second Focal Plane construction provides a consistent reticle size at all magnifications. The result is an instant, familiar sight picture for unbeatable speed when it counts most-- from close quarters distance out to 200 yards.


You need to be at maximum magnification to use the medium range holdovers, so Arrowhead's included throw lever lets you slap your magnification to the max in a heartbeat. Arrowhead's lever attaches directly via four bolts—there's no ring to slip or loosen over time.


Locking Windage And Elevation Turrets​

Arrowhead features push-pull locking turrets that require no tools and can be quickly used out in the field. Push the turrets towards the scope body to lock them in place. Pull them away from the scope body to adjust. Real simple, real tough. No more worries that a turret got "bumped" away from its zero when you weren't looking.



Arrowhead features dual LED emitters, making daylight bright etched reticle illumination possible at the highest settings. For those who must press on in the darkest night, the first two brightness settings are night vision compatible and cannot easily be seen by the naked eye at all. Arrowhead's illumination knob features a tactile "OFF" notch between each of the 12 brightness settings.​



Great glass is just the start of what makes a truly superior sight picture. Arrowhead's optical engineering, the math that dictates how the lenses transmit the light through Arrowhead, is state of the art. You'll see the difference as soon as you look through Arrowhead—at any magnification. ​



This is the best glass we know how to make, carefully infused with rare earth metals and polished to perfection. Only the most immaculate lenses are worthy to move on to the next step. The best anti-reflection, anti-fog, anti-scratch, and hydrophobic coatings are then applied and checked carefully before lens installation.​


Arrowhead's advanced optical engineering results in a wider field of view and superior overall brightness, without sacrificing eye relief or eye box characteristics, even at full magnification. You get it all with Arrowhead.



Arrowhead's fast focus eyepiece, excellent optical characteristics, and user-friendly controls make it a very "fast" scope for close quarters shooting. As range increases, more precision is required. Arrowhead's turret tracking and reticle fidelity is excellent. From the flat, true 1x all the way out to 6x, 8x, or even 10x magnification, Arrowhead excels in a huge variety of real-world shooting situations. ​



After sighting in your rifle it is easy to reset "zero" indication on the turrets using just a coin or wide screwdriver to release the outer turret and re-orient it. This very important feature can be adjusted in seconds without affecting the push/pull locking system at all. ​ ​



Arrowhead's internal components are made of stronger materials and machined to the finest tolerances we can achieve. Even the main scope body is machined from a harder grade of aluminum. Toughness and precision are both increased at the same time, without sacrificing one goal to boost the other. ​


Guerrilla Dot BDC Long Reticle​

​Arrowhead's "Guerrilla Dot BDC Long" 5.56 NATO / .308 Win Bullet Drop Compensation reticle builds on the successful BDC from our Tomahawk series. A 50/200 battlesight zero center dot provides good speed up close, followed by shoulder ranging holds to 500 yards. S-Wing chevrons provide very fine aiming points for precision shots at 600, 700, and yeah, 800 yards. ​


Guerrilla Dot MOA Long Reticle​

Not shooting 5.56 or .308? "Guerrilla Dot MOA Long" has you covered. A full 30 MOA of vertical holdover ladder is incorporated. Chrony your rifle, run your numbers through a ballistic calculator, and see how far you can stretch it. Can you take your 6.5 Grendel to 900 yards? Can you take your 6.5 Creedmoor to 1000 yards, with a 1-10x LPVO? Arrowhead's MOA reticle is ready if you are. ​



We designed and built Arrowhead for use in the most serious situations. Law enforcement patrol rifles, home defense carbines, defense of livestock from predators, hunting dangerous game, and more. We know that some of our customers will take Arrowhead into harm's way. Arrowhead's durability is our best statement of taking that responsibility extremely seriously. ​

Of course, like all Swampfox produts, Arrowhead is backed by our 50,000 Round Guarantee. ​






Tube Diameter


Objective Lens Diameter


Exit Pupil (mm)

7.6mm-3.9mm (1X-6X)

Eye Relief (in)

3.39-3.54" (1X-6X)

FOV @ 100 Yards (ft)

119.9-19.27' (1X-6X)

Click Value

1/2 MOA 

Parallax Setting

100 yds 

Travel Per Rotation 

60 Clicks/ 30 MOA 

Max Elevation Adjustment

100 MOA 

Max Windage Adjustment

100 MOA 

Lens Coating

Fully Multi-Coated/ Anti-fog/ Hydrophobic 


12 Position Illumination turret 


Side-mounted CR2032 Battery 


BDC or MOA Glass Etched Illuminated 

Magnification Required for Reticle Accuracy


Fast Focus Diopter

Yes, -2 to +2

Turret Style

Push/Pull Locking Turrets with Zero Reset




20.36 oz

Waterproof Rating


Impact Resistance

1,100 G Forces


Guerrilla Dot BDC Long
Guerrilla Dot MOA Long

The Guerrilla Dot BDC Long is highly versatile, capable of delivering rapid target acquisition at true 1x magnification, while also providing holdovers for mid- to long-range shots. Bullet drop subtensions are designed to work with the optic at its highest magnification. The center dot and its corresponding zeros can be used at any magnification.​


Guerrilla Dot BDC Long was designed primarily for the AR platform using the 5.56 NATO trajectory, based on the following ballistics parameters:​

  • Lake City/Federal 5.56 NATO
  • 55gr FMJ/XM193
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .243
  • Muzzle Velocity: 3101
  • Barrel Length: 16”1

The reticle can also be used with 7.62 NATO / .308 Win. Based on the followg:​

  • Hornady .308 WIN 155gr
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .435
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2,865 fps


For 5.56 NATO 55gr FMJ; Based on 50/200 yard zero​​


For .308 WIN / 7.62 NATO 155gr FMJ; Based on 50/200 yard zero​


The Guerrilla Dot BDC Long reticle can be used to estimate distance to target based upon various reference points.​






Throw Lever

Wrench for throw lever

Flip Up Lens Caps

Scope Cloth


Product Manual

Reticle Manual

Other Details

Sub Title:
Low Power Variable Optic


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    Arrowhead 1-10

    Posted by CJ on Apr 16th 2020

    Love the fit and finish on this scope. It arrived quickly and carefully packaged. Includes a very nice switch lever. So far I am enjoying the very forgiving eye box and locking turrets the most. I highly recommend this scope!

  • 5
    Arrowhead 1-10x - A comparison review

    Posted by James Lee on Apr 6th 2020

    I’m not going to lie, the first time I heard about Swampfox, was through a link from a 3rd party website for the Swampfox Tomahawk that a friend sent to me half as a joke and half as a “Is this a good deal?”. I was pretty set on the Vortex Viper PST Gen II prior to clicking on that link, but after I visited the Swampfox website and saw the Arrowhead, I knew I was going to have to go down a LPVO research rabbit hole. Too long don’t want to read? Pros: Very clear, solid build, 10X magnification, pretty forgiving eye box, nice turrets, complete package with caps and throw lever, priced very well. Cons: Some distortion at 1x, some chromatic aberration at higher magnifications, reticle is not daylight bright. In comparison to the Vortex Viper: Almost as good as the Vortex Viper Gen II…Almost (read on below) At the Arrowhead price point, you cannot beat it for what you get. It’s the complete package! Giving it a 5 star, but really a 4.5 because on the cons I listed above. Read on for more details. So I created a rubric for 7 LPVOs that I have been considering in my price range: Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6x24 Swampfox Arrowhead 1-10x24 Primary Arms SLX8 Raptor 1-8x24 (New) Primary Arms SLX6 Raptor 1-6x24 Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x24 Burris XTR II 1-5x24 Atibal Mirage 1-8x24 I scored the rubic based on the variables below: -Tube size -Eye Relief -Weight -Focal plane -Street $ after tax -Reticle -Asthetics -Locking Turret -Return to zero -Waterproof -Magnification Because I’ve only seen the Viper PST I, Viper PST II, Strike Eagle and SLX6 in person, I scored the rubic completely off of specs and cost. Three areas of consideration that is hard to measure and isn’t listed as a spec by the manufacturers is glass clarity, eye box size, and distortion. Without getting into how I scored each LPVO, it boiled down to the Vortex PST II Viper, the Arrowhead. With Swampfox being so new, with little presence, I decided to reach out to them with a few questions and concerns. I ended up getting a very nice email response from their marketing guy, Mike, who spent his time responding with both facts and his opinion on each of my questions. After a couple of my back and forth emails with Mike, and reading all (at the time) 34 pages of the AR15 forum thread on Swampfox, I decided to take a chance and pulled the trigger on the 1-10x Arrowhead. I also managed to talk a friend of mine into the Kingslayer. I received the scope a day early, which seems to be a positive trend with them. Upon inspecting the scope and looking through it, I was immediately elated. Glass was clear, turrets were crisp, the scope felt solid, eyebox seemed forgiving and the distortion felt minimal. But….I needed to know how it compared to the Vortex PST II Viper since so many folks were wondering the same thing. Yes, the Arrowhead is cheaper than the Viper, but if the hype was real, and the specs were accurate, then the Arrowhead could possibly be a good competitor to that fantastic scope. I brought my Arrowhead with me to my local shop (Prior to all the craziness with COVID) and got permission to spend some time with the Viper PST ii and the Arrowhead. Here is what I observed: Weight – At around 22.7 ounces, the Arrowhead is a bit lighter at 20.36oz. Arrowhead comes out 12% better in this category. Glass Clarity – Glass clarity between the two were very similar. The lens tints felt the same looking through both side by side. There is visible chromatic aberration (purple or green lines you see on the edge of objects) at max power on the Arrowhead, but I’m probably more critical than most on this since I do a little bit of photography on the side. Distortion 1X – The Viper was slightly more true to 1X and had very little distortion in comparison to the Arrowhead. Definitely noticeable distortion at 1x on the arrowhead. Once you go to 1.5x however, you get a nice clear flat image. I would say that the Arrowhead is about 80% of the Viper when it comes to distortion. Eye Relief – Viper does have better eye relief than the Arrowhead. 3.8in vs 3.35in and it is noticeable in person. Arrowhead is 90% there. Eye Box Forgiveness – This is where the Viper shines the most over the Arrowhead. It not only has a bit more of a forgiving eyebox at 1X, when you move out of the eyebox, the shadow is crisp and doesn’t gradually fade into blurriness. This may be subjective, but it felt better to see an edge to edge change between sight picture and black. At 6X however, I couldn’t really tell the difference between the two scopes. To me the Arrowhead was about 75% of Viper is here at least on 1X. Build quality – Both the Viper and the Arrowhead felt very solid. I believe both can take falls and will continue to work. The finish on both felt nice too. I do wish the Arrowhead and Swampfox logo was etched in. that would’ve been a nice touch. I’m just being picky now. I do think the Arrowhead looks cooler than the Viper, but that is subjective. Turret movement – Both of the turrets were very clicky and responsive. I’d give the edge to the Arrowhead here, because the locking turrets are amazing. The Arrowhead is 110% of what the viper is in this category. I’ll have to add though, the Vortex Viper PST I outshines both of PST II and Arrowhead when it comes to turrets. Those turrets have such crisp feedback when you turn them. Reticle brightness – Another area where the Viper outshines the Arrowhead…no pun intended. I live in Southern California, and it gets very bright out most days. At level 12 brightness, the Arrowhead illumination completely washes out. I even tried a new battery. When I do see the illumination indoors, it can get very bright, but you do see that the illuminators shine from the 11 oclock position since there are two hotspots on the etched reticle. Mike helped me confirm that the hotspots are visible on the new 2k+ Vortex Razor too, so I digress. The Viper on the other hand is just a Dot, and is visible in bright daylight. So the Arrowhead is not daylight bright. With that being said, I’m not one to really care too much to have an illuminated reticle in broad daylight since there is a perfectly visible black reticle. When it comes to illumination, the Arrowhead is 40% of what the Viper can produce. Magnification – This is where the Arrowhead beats out the Viper. 10x vs 6x… enough said. Although 6x is sufficient for most who are hitting targets out to 300-400 yards, I’m the guy who wants to hit a Cuttie brand orange at 200-300 yards, and I probably just lack the skill at 3-6x. At 10x mounted on my rifle, the eyebox is forgiving enough. I had one chance to get out to the range to sight in and put about 80 rounds through my Ar-15 before the pandemic, and was very pleased. The Arrowhead is 60% better than the Viper in the magnification category. So what is with all the percentages? I weighted each category based off what I personally found important when choosing between the two lPVOs. Weight - 5% Glass Clarity - 5% Distortion 1X - 20% Eye Relief - 15% Eye Box Forgivness - 17% Build quality - 8% Turret movement - 3% Reticle brightness - 12% Magnification - 15% Based on my own scoring rubric, the Swampfox Arrowhead 1-10x comes in at 92.95% of the Vortex Viper PST II 1-6x. In the end, a 7% difference in overall quality compared to the Viper isn’t too bad, especially when you factor in a $130 savings using current Optics Planet pricing. As an added bonus, Swampfox included a nice throw lever and a pair of caps making this one of the most complete LPVO packages on the market at this price point. If you have not figured it out by now, I spent a lot of time researching and making a decision on my LPVO purchase, and I’m happy to say that I believe I made the right choice going with the Swampfox Arrowhead 1-10x. You won’t be disappointed.

  • 5
    Arrowhead LPVO

    Posted by Brad Gamble on Apr 6th 2020

    Just wanted to thank the team at Swampfox. They have produced an excellent optic in this pricepoint. The glass is fantastic it is scope has some weight to it. Built solid with a positive clicks on the turret. I have several other optic in this pricepoint if youre on the fence DO NOT HESITATE!! This optic will not disappoint

  • 4
    1-10 LPVO

    Posted by Don on Apr 6th 2020

    The Arrowhead 1-10 is my second LPVO. I like the design detail. Ive only had it out once to zero it in. The scope is pretty nice in my opinion, and fills my need and use perfectly. Being on lock-down due to Covid-19 has limited going to play with the scope more.

  • 5
    LPVO 1-10

    Posted by Mike on Apr 6th 2020

    I have this mounted on my CZ 550 in 375handh with high rings. Works great for near and far shots. Fast adjustment the dials are crisp. Quality is higher than I expected and it takes a beating on this rifle with no issues.

  • 5

    Posted by Alan on Apr 6th 2020

    Absolutely love this optic! Has the clarity and features of optics 2-3x it’s price. Easy to dial in and solid construction. This paired with the independence mount is a great setup in my scout rifle!

  • 5
    Arrowhead 1-8 LPVO

    Posted by Jason on Apr 6th 2020

    First, the optic and mount shipped very quickly which is always nice to see. Second, the packaging was sharp and really showed off the optic & mount when unboxing. You could see the pride in the workmanship of the product and the thoughtfulness in how things were laid out, the thoroughness of the manual, and even the little things like including a throw lever. Thank you!! Optic mounted up quickly and seamlessly and is presently living on a 300BO and it makes a great pairing! Thank you Swampfox for a really nice product at a great price, what a value!

  • 5
    1 X 10 Arrowhead

    Posted by Jim on Apr 6th 2020

    I wanted a low power 1 x 10 scope for my AR 10 carbine. This optic far and away exceeded my expectations. The glass is crystal clear with the reticle achieving daylight brightness. The magnification transition is smooth and the field of view is second to none. Having the ability to choose between BDC or MOA redical is a added bonus. The large locking turrets are excellent with audibal tactile clicks. This optic is the NEW STANDARD in a low cost 1 x 10 power scope and it even comes with a nice throw lever as well.

  • 5
    Arrowhead 1-10

    Posted by Joshua Johnson on Apr 5th 2020

    Just got this optic in the other day, mounted to an AR10 build I’ve been putting together, and I will say, very true 1x, good glass, I like the reticle illumination, set it where you want it, the next click turns it off, in the next few weeks I will be testing the ranging reticle at various distances and will add a follow up at that time.

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