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Blade is the mission-driven 1x prism scope dedicated for home defense and law enforcement. Blade’s revolutionary Bullet Rise Compensating reticle compensates for optic height over bore at just 5, 10, and 15 yards when mounted on an AR-15. Available with red or green illumination, Blade’s etched reticle appears black when illumination is off. Shake 'N Wake motion-sensing auto on/off saves battery life and is perfect for home defense. Blade is an excellent choice for shooters with astigmatism who have issues with dot sights. When you need speed and precision at in-your-face distances, trust the Blade.


Green Blade back in stock July 15th. [tab]


Some Swampfox optics are intended to be flexible “do-it all” scopes. This isn’t one of them. Every aspect of Blade 1x is optimized for the home defense and law enforcement patrol rifle application. Blade 1x has only one goal: help you master real-world close quarters shooting. ​



Gravity always pushes bullets down, of course. But at very close ranges your scope’s mechanical offset, or “height over bore” comes into play. If your optic is aimed straight at the target at “in the living room” distance, your barrel must be aimed at a significant upwards angle to make a precise hit matching point of aim. ​​

Close quarters shooters have known for years that “you need to aim a little high up close”. Blade 1x is the first optic to account for this and offer dedicated holds for 5, 10, and 15 yards distance when used on an AR-15 or similar platform. ​​



Blade 1x is available in red or green reticle illumination variants. The first two brightness settings, N1 and N2, are night vision compatible. Settings 9 and 10 are daylight bright. ​​

Blade features Shake 'N Wake motion-sensing illumination technology. After 225 seconds without motion, reticle illumination shuts off to preserve battery life, leaving the etched reticle to remain in black. When the optic is moved even slightly, illumination instantly resumes at the previous setting. ​​

Select your favorite brightness level and put your home defense gun away. If there’s a “bump in the night”, you don’t need to worry about adjusting your optic– as soon as you grab it, Shake 'N Wake reticle illumination will resume, ready for whatever comes.



We love red dots– especially the ones we make! But red dots aren’t ideal for everyone’s eyes. Astigmatism or other medical eye issues can make them a poor choice. Blade 1x features a chemically etched reticle and fast focus adjustable ocular lens for a great sight picture even for shooters with imperfect vision. ​

Blade’s reticle won’t “wash out” like red dots can when used together with a bright weapon light at close range. If your lumens overwhelm the illumination, your reticle remains as black silhouette instead of disappearing at the worst possible moment. ​​




Packed with premium glass, tough construction, and backed by our 50,000 Round Guarantee, Blade 1x comes with everything you need to get completely set up, from high-quality flip caps to the Honeycomb Anti-Reflective Device. There are no accessories to buy separately– it’s all included in the box from the start.


Blade 1x is optimized for close quarters shooting, but it features the same excellent glass found in our long-range precision optics. Containing rare earth metals, Blade’s glass is fully multi-coated for maximum light transmission, anti-reflection, anti-fog, anti-scratch, and hydrophobic performance.



Unlike red dots, 1x prism scopes have constraints on eye relief and eye box– the amount of space behind the scope where your eye can acquire a valid sight picture. To rival the red dot’s legendary target acquisition speed, Blade 1x features an incredibly forgiving eye relief and tremendous 13.5mm exit pupil.​​ ​

After setting the fast focus diopter for your eye, shoot Blade 1x like you would shoot a red dot. Both eyes open, focus on the target, and GO! ​​



We intend for Blade 1x to be a one-purchase solution for law enforcement officers and American shooters looking for a home defense AR optic solution. Blade’s built-in mount means there is no way to purchase the wrong rings or the wrong riser. High-quality flip caps and our Honeycomb Anti-Reflection Device are already in the box. We thought of everything and included it all. ​ ​



Building an optic for the law enforcement and home defense applications means our customers are potentially trusting us with their lives when they buy the Blade 1x. We take this responsibility extremely seriously. ​​ ​

Blade was designed to be as rugged as possible. It is manufactured with precision and care. Like all Swampfox products, it is backed up by our 50,000 Round Guarantee: if your Blade 1x ever stops performing as it should, we will repair or replace it. But we know the best warranty of all is the one you never need. ​​ ​




Adjustment Click Value

0.5 MOA

Reticle Type

CQB Bullet Rise Compensation



Lens Diameter


Illumination Positions

10 total, 2 NV

Brightness Adjustments

Up/Down Digital Press

Shockproof G Forces



1 Meter/ IPX7

Battery Type


Max Battery Life

3,000 hours


4.0”(length) * 2.44” (width) * 3.0”(height)


13.1 ounces


Fully Multi Coated

Specialty Coatings

Anti-fog, hydrophobic, anti-scratch


Parallax free @100 yards

Eye Relief


Exit Pupil


Mount Type



6061-T6 Aircraft grade aluminum

Windage/Elevation Movement Range (MOA)

'+/- 45MOA/ Total 90MOA Range


Blade's Bullet Rise Compensating (BRC) Reticle is optimized for home defense and law enforcement applications, where nearly all defensive rifle use occurs inside 50 yards, and the most significant chance of close quarters engagement occurring at 15 yards or less. ​​


Although gravity always pushes bullets downwards, at very close distances the bullet appears to "rise" from the muzzle to meet the point of aim in the optic, due to the scope's mechanical offset or "height over bore." The BRC reticle is the first reticle to offer dedicated holds for 5, 10, and 15 yards compensating for this effect.


The BRC Reticle is broken down into the following holds when​​ Blade is mounted on an AR style firearm or any other firearm ​​ with a similar optic mounting height over the barrel. ​​ ​​ The CQB holds will not be as valid when Blade is mounted to ​​ an AK or other platform with radically different optic height ​​ over bore.​


The 50/200 yard battle sight zero is applicable only to 5.56 NATO and .308 Win calibers. The rest of the holds will work with any barrel length and any caliber because range is so short. Bullet paths have very little chance to diverge due to velocity or ballistic coefficient differences at just 5 to 15 yards, so a .22lr point of impact is nearly identical to 9mm or 7.62x39.​​



High Quality Flip Caps

Honeycomb Anti-Reflection Device

Lens Cloth

CR123a Battery

Other Details

Sub Title:
1x25 Prism Sight


  • 4
    A nice piece of glass.

    Posted by Siege Guerra on Jun 3rd 2020

    Clear glass, edge to edge clarity, no chromatic aberration. Eye relief is INCREDIBLE. I will say that the 1x is pretty close to true. The reticle is crisp and the illumination can be daylight bright when needed. As mentioned in another review, illumination in low light conditions does cause a red glare. Adjust to a lower light level to account for this. The inclusion of the honeycomb flash kill was a great touch. The Auto-off and Shake 'n Wake functions work as advertised. I greatly enjoy the tethered turret caps. Zeroing was quick and easy. The adjustment clicks are audible and tactile. The focus eyepiece adjusted smoothly. Overall this is a great design loaded with features. Solid construction and quality materials. Great for a PDW and CQB applications. Tl,dr: Swampfox Blade, good to go.

  • 5
    EXCELLANT Product

    Posted by Gerald Moyer on Jun 1st 2020

    I have been looking for an optic for my .300blk for awhile now. I have tried a romeo 5, spark ar2, and countless others. I decided on the Blade after doing a little research on youtube. I am very happy with the glass the reticle, and the consistency I have put just over 1000 rds. down range with this optic. It is still zeroed. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a high end optic at a mid end price. Swampfox you have all my optic business from here on out!!!!!

  • 5
    The Blade is an outstanding prism optic!

    Posted by Hunter on May 24th 2020

    The team at Swampfox has made a truly high quality prism optic at an absolutely amazing price. I have shelled out 6x as much on other Prism Optics in the past yet had to sacrifice on eye relief, illumination, and light transmission not to mention usability. Not with the Blade! This is a true blessing to those of us with an astigmatism. The Blade is quite literally the optics answer I have been looking for over 5 decades of shooting ARs/M16s. The reticle is exactly what the Prism Optic world has needed since day one! The illumination really is daylight bright. Plus the Shake Awake feature is precisely what home defense optics need to extend battery life. The quality and clarity is on exceeds many of the market competitors. Kudos for including an anti-reflection device too.

  • 5
    Best 1x Optic for Astigmatism

    Posted by JD on May 16th 2020

    Really outstanding option for those of you who can’t use red dots due to astigmatism. And unlike most of the competitors out there, this optic’s red reticle is daylight bright. Two minor negatives: 1) at the right angle, your target can see the illuminated reticle from the opposite side of the scope giving away your position 2) under low light interior conditions, the field of view is flooded with a red bloom. Not a huge deal. You just need to adjust the brightness level down. I can’t believe it took this long for a quality prism optic to come out but Swampfox did it and at an affordable price too!

  • 5
    The optic we have been waiting for!

    Posted by Scott Williams on May 9th 2020

    We all know the "circle/dot" reticle, and we know the benefits of always-on reticles. Finally, the prophecies have been fulfilled and the chosen one is here! And the shake awake really works! Eye box is HUGE. The reticle works at distances as advertised, and allows tight shots at distance, as arrow doesn't obscure target like you-know-who's holographic sight.

  • 5

    Posted by Phil on Apr 27th 2020

    9 rounds total to zero at 50 yards out of the box. Holdovers are dead on after zero. Optic was heavier than I expected, but once mounted I couldn't tell a difference. Feels very well made. Would highly recommend.

  • 5
    The Blade

    Posted by on Apr 19th 2020

    The idea of reaching out hundreds of yards with my AR is all I have ever thought of because, that’s all that is offered. I measured the distances I could possibly need to make a very accurate shot. This optic was made for shooting that close. The Blade has taught me how far off I would have been had I used an LPVO inside my home. The construction is very solid. The caps and their retainer wires are well made too. A red dot is never going to work for my eyes. In a few minutes I adjusted The Blade to a crisp reticle without my glasses, which is how I will react possibly in the middle of the night. I wish I had The Blade a few red dots ago.

  • 5
    Blade 1x

    Posted by Glenn on Apr 19th 2020

    The optic seems to be built very well. 3 rounds sighted in at 50. Them shit at 5,10,15. All pretty close to credit card shots on IDPA target. Then shot steel at 200. 3 out of 5 impacts. Pretty good for 1x and 48 year old eyes. Also very easy to use. Reticle can be daylight bright turned up all they way but being etched no need. Reticle does exactly as described. I am impressed.

  • 5
    Perfect PDW Optic

    Posted by Daryl Abbott on Apr 12th 2020

    I think it’s great for a pdw because regardless of the shot distance, you can accurately and reliably aim your weapon. Takes all the guess work out at closer range. Work smarter not harder folks! Looking forward to see what else Swampfox rolls out.