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  • Sentinel II
    $269.00 - $299.00

    Crafted for precision and built to stand guard, Sentinel II showcases a fusion of advanced features …

  • Sentinel
    $229.00 - $249.00

    The next generation ultra-compact micro red dot sight optimized for every day carry on slimline pist…

  • Tomahawk Series
    $279.00 - $379.00

    The Swampfox Tomahawk is hands down the best value LPVO on the market today. This optic provides cla…

  • Liberty & Justice
    $199.00 - $209.00

    Liberty and Justice are the latest open reflex dot sights designed for everyday carry and competitio…

  • Kingslayer

    Kingslayer is now an official member of the Swampfox Legacy Series. If you own this optic, we will s…

  • Liberator II
    $149.00 - $189.00

    Innovation meets versatility with the next-generation Liberator II dot sight, featuring Shake N'…

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