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Kingslayer is now an official member of the Swampfox Legacy Series. If you own this optic, we will still proudly cover it under our Limited Lifetime Warranty. To check out comparable optics to our first generation pistol dot sight, view our related products below.

The Kingslayer is a super compact, highly accurate micro reflex open red dot sight featuring three reticle options that allows for fast target acquisition with both eyes open while focusing through to the target. It is an RMR-compatible footprint for reciprocating pistol slides . For rifle or shotgun platforms, Kingslayer comes with a low profile 1913 Mil-Std Picatinny mount already installed. Kingslayer is waterproof, fog resistant and features a scratch resistant, anti-glare lens coating. Built like a tank, Kingslayer can withstand 800 g’s of impact and maintain zero come what may.

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Sub Title:
Micro Reflex Red Dot (Pistol Cut) 1x22


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    Posted by Adam on Oct 18th 2019

    Purchased the kingslayer a few months ago and so far I'm extremely pleased with it. I first tried it on a benelli m4 and it was very easy to acquire the dot and held true. I have since put it on my glock 19. I'm new to using optics on a pistol but so far I'm very happy with it. I only have a few hundred rounds through it but again it's very easy to pick up. If your on the fence about buying one, it's definitely worth the money as compared to a 400 or 500 trijicon.

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    Surprisingly awesome

    Posted by Coty on Oct 18th 2019

    I honestly was more in love with the lore and Americanism of Swampfox than anything. I was skeptical because of how low the price was. However once I got my kingslayer mounted I was thoroughly impressed. Clean glass and crisp dot, I’m in love. It holds zero perfectly and I love the side mounted battery. This was my first Swampfox optic but it most definitely won’t be my last!!!!

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    SWAMPFOX Kingslayer

    Posted by Chris Camacho on Oct 18th 2019

    Love the construction and field of view on the glass. Glass is very clear. Also like the low profile on the height of the optic.

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    Posted by J. Weyandt on Oct 18th 2019

    The KINGSLAYER is lightweight, has very clear glass. In addition it has a smooth, but sturdy design. I used this site on an AR15 and a 12 gauge using 3" magnum loads...the zero held true, The red dot is plenty bright for outdoor shooting. I have Red Dote sites from several manufacturers, and the KINGSLAYER ranks with the very best. A very good site at a nice price.

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    Posted by Doug on Jul 19th 2019

    Ok sooo a long story... I bought a Kingslayer off of eBay from an armed forces officer that had bought two. I’m a special operations officer and deal with very expensive equipment. The good: the product is solid, crystal clear glass and great concise dot. The bad: the thing drained batteries like nobody’s business even in the off position. The amazing: I contacted Swampfox via email even though I didn’t purchase it from them. In a matter of minutes I was contacted back and advised that they would honor their warranty and would ship a replacement and mailing slip right out. I received it only to find it had the same issue. Once again I contacted Swampfox and again I was immediately contacted back. This time they were not so fast to just send a replacement, Robert and Chris worked with me hand and hand for days trying to find the glitch. At no time in this process was I ever degraded, ignored or told it was operator error. We never could quite figure out the issue so I kinda just called it a wash for buying something second hand. About a month after our last conversation I was contacted by Robert and Chris who stated that they had found a virus in the tiny circuit board and had fixed all the issues and that they were sending me a brand new redesigned model and a postage paid slip for my return as well as everyone that owned a Kingslayer! This was a long process and my optics have to work every single time they are asked to or they cannot be used due to what I do. I have waited -on purpose - to write this review so that I can state with confidence that the optic is reliable. The Kingslayer is amazing crystal clear glass that rivals optics I run that cost HUNDREDS more. I have run the optic on a pistol, ar, and mp5 with zero malfunctions. But more impressive than the optic is the company. The team at Swampfox could have easily denied my claim due to me purchasing second hand and that is even stated in the fine print of their warranty. Swampfox never batted an eye at my claims, never tried to cover up a problem and never tried to sidestep my communication. The optic I received is still on the original battery, has been used extensively and has held zero on whatever I mounted it on. For the price I believe this is one of the best red dots on the market and the company service is second to none.

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    Great sight!!!

    Posted by Joseph Roach on Jul 4th 2019

    Purchased for my AR pistol build. It’s light. The ring is really small and the 3 MOA is great for quick acquisitioning! Can’t wait to get back so I can fully run it through the ringer!!!

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    Great Sight

    Posted by Dave on Apr 2nd 2019

    I received my Kingslayer red dot a few days ago and finally put it on my gun yesterday. I sighted in the optic and put 125 rounds down range. Once I got this thing zeroed shooting was easy, so easy it was cheating! The glass is clear the 3MOA dot is crisp and it is very accurate, on lower settings the dot seems to be 2MOA which is really nice. The sight feels sturdy and has high quality looks with a well done finish. Installation of the battery was easy and mounting the optic was as equally easy. The only downfall to this optic is that the windage and elevation adjustments are not audible clicks, zeroing was not hard to do but took longer than I would have liked (5 strings of fire 15 rounds total). In my opinion, this is not a deal breaker and is not so difficult that I need to rate it at anything less than 5 stars. Customer service is AWSOME!!! I had small issues with my order and it was handled quickly and professionally. Customer service means a lot to me, a company can have the best products in the world but is the customer service is crap then I won't do business with them. With this company I received a great product and great customer service. I look forward to my next purchase.

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    Posted by Brandon on Mar 26th 2019

    I took a while to put this through the wringer and I have to say this optic is pretty impressive. Overall it is very compact and 3 MOA is useful from 0-100m some of the 1-2MOA ones are lacking up close. Having battery access on the side makes it easier to use than comparable 1 oz mounts. One thing I would note is that the battery doesn't just shut off after 4 hours, it stops 4 hours after movement so that could be clarified a bit better. Overall the Kingslayer performs as good as optics 2-3x the price and you can still make a pretty arguable case the Kingslayer is actually better. I would love to see a shake on feature but other than that I can't see a way to improve the design.